Developed marketing strategy and sales support tools that helped field sales force reposition hospital
consumables from commodity items to infection prevention systems, increasing profitability of products by $95MM over 2 years

Ongoing technical strategy relationship focused on the areas of website development, technology integration, and mobile application deployment.

Founded and grew a marketing services company to profitable revenues of $4.8M within 3 years. Developed consumer health site with over 1M pages indexed in Google generating 300,000 visitors per month.

Designed and developed a consolidated medical information system reconciling procedure and facility data across several hospitals in the NHS reducing redundancies by £42.2 M in annual budgeted alloctations for the UK directorate.


Founded an energy management software company that will reconcile energy for a consumer and provide specific feedback on the direct cost savings for implementing energy management and conservation initiatives.

Board Member, Lead Investor, and Business Development Consultant for a material science startup developing high temperature superconductivity. Developed strategic licensing pipeline and negotiated deals with key strategics including, Siemens, Qualcomm, Cisco, and Orbital Science.

Provided working prototype of demand response solution for managing AC units in the residential setting. Completed strategic plan for implementation across Hydro-One and Toronto-Hydro resulting in selection of solution as a finalist for 2 initiatives by the OPA.

Developed a model for predicting peak utilization of natural gas based on user behavior in the residential space resulting in alternative pricing models that lowered net cost to customers, but increased receivables by 20%

Provided investment and business development leadership to Founder and CEO of a startup that provided energy management and visibility for the electric vehicle market.


Created a way to extract key financial information from SEC filings for use within the team’s proprietary evaluation model, freeing up 20% of analyst’s time during earnings periods.

Strategic Consultant reporting to the Managing Director of Lincoln Financial responsible for coordinating strategy across 5 direct reports for developing a Business Intelligence System from existing reporting systems. The solution was deployed on-time and credited for saving the company £1.4M in 12 months.


Led a team to build v3 of the BMM which was delivered on time to AT&T who cited the tool as one of the key reasons for awarding us $400 MM in new business.

Responsible for specifying and launching AdFocus, a real-time pricing tool for TV and radio spots based on demand and available inventory rolled out nationally to provide predictive demand.

Provide business strategy, rebranding, internet strategy services resulting in the development of a franchise opportunity in the cell phone repair business.


Provided strategic consulting on the impact of mobile appliances in the K-12 education environment and alternative strategies for growing sales in the education sector.

Provided SEO and PPC Strategy that resulted in a 5x increase in leads and decreased cost per lead from $300/lead to $25/lead.

Developed Monarch ES for Healthcare into a profitable business line generating $15M in sales in healthcare sector. Worldwide P&L responsibilities.

Provided Strategic Consulting in developing online business model and web strategy for a business to business newsletter service generating incremental sales through online education and data mining.

Provided Strategic Consulting to price and deploy the leading testing platform for K-12 education. Helped realize key strategic partnership in the tutoring industry that accounts for 40% of their revenues.

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